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How the organization communicates with prospective and current Case Study

How the organization communicates with prospective and current customers - Case Study Example The use of digital media made Coca Cola to deviate from the traditional strategies that would promote the product such as developing new products or extending the existing brands. Marketing is an important aspect of creating a strong brand while helping to reach out to the existing and potential customers. Every marketing strategy faces three uncertainties that are supposed to be weighed before engaging; the fear of failure, the return on investment and the fear of the unknown. Investing resources in the digital media for marketing brings forth all these uncertainties. However, these uncertainties can be assumed based on the advantages that come with the digital media. First, learning from failure can help device workable strategies in the digital space. Second, the digital media exhibits a very rapid growth while the marketers get to understand it better day by day. Finally, digital media is less expensive, therefore, learning from it especially on optimizing the return on investment is worthy. Coca Cola opted to ‘go digital’, and take advantage of the huge online traffic. This was done through a simple social concept that encouraged customers to exhibit brand loyalty while encouraging others to join the wagon. In the summer of 2011, they devised the ‘Share a Coke Campaign’ (Coca Cola, 2013). It began with the customers creating a can for a special friend and then finding their names and having a coke bottle bearing the name to developing customized coke bottles with people’s names. This campaign has gone global and it is still in progress after it demonstrated that it can facilitate the strengthening of the brand as well as increment in the sales volume. The campaign was focused on increasing the consumption of Coke during the summer of 2011 while bringing an appeal on the strength of the brand. Despite Coca Cola being known as a strong brand, they needed to

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African American Athletes Essay Example for Free

African American Athletes Essay American student athletes have always faced stereotypes in and out of the classroom, being seen as self-segregating or dumb jocks that really wouldnt be at school if it werent for their athletic ability. Although these stereotypes are applied to both white and black athletes, African American students, especially men, feel it more than their white counterparts. African Americans are already, for the most part, seen as intellectually inferior, so when they are seen in an academic environment they are automatically judged. If they didnt get into school just for being black, they got into school for being a black athlete. Excuses are made as to why African American student athletes and pro athletes dominate in the world of sports in general. From the time the black athlete stepped into the sports arena and began to compete with whites, white people have been looking for an explanation. In his article Sailes looks into the myths and stereotypes surrounding African American athletes, most of which have been created by whites. In loosely replicated the experiment that Sailes conducted with his students and in doing so I found that the stereotypes he discusses do exist and many people strongly believe in some of the myths. I interviewed both male and female athletes and non-athletes alike and surprisingly most of their answers to my questions were the same. I asked them all the same five questions; 1. Do you think African Americans dominate in sports? 2. Which Sports? 3. Are there certain positions they are better at? 4. Why? 5. Is their demeanor on the field or court different than that of a white athlete? and 6. Have you heard any myths about why black athletes are better? Interviewee #1, A white female on the basketball team at Gettysburg College felt that black athletes were better at all sports and in all positions, but particularly in basketball and football. She has learned from experience that black athletes are more loud and aggressive. It was her belief that African Americans are better at sports because of genetics. She also said that it could be because historically they have done hard labor and had menial jobs, so their physical condition has evolved. The one myth she has heard is that African Americans have an extra bone in their leg which makes them capable of jumping higher and running faster. Interviewee # 2, an African American football player stated that blacks are better at all sports, but especially football, in such positions as cornerback, running back, and wide receiver. When asked why he felt that this is true his answer was because were just nasty like that. In regards to myths he recalled one of his high school classmates expressing to him that the reason blacks were better was because they still had some monkey left in them. Interviewee # 3, a white college graduate, non-athlete articulated that blacks are better at any sport they try but not in any positions that require brain power or thought. He said that they are not usually good quarterbacks because they arent smart enough. When I asked him why, his response was, because they are dumb Ns. He believes that they become athletes because they have no other options to get a job or get rich, unless they can rap. He also stated that the reason they can run so fast is because they are used to running from the cops. Interviewee # 4, A white male who is a former athlete said that he believes that African Americans are superior in all sports except for lacrosse and hockey, and that the reason for this is because they are much more expensive to start up and maintain- as opposed to soccer/football/basketball where all you need is a ball really. He thinks black people on the whole start out life economically feeble compared to whites and believes in the myth that they have been evolved into more muscular and stronger people because of the process of natural selection during slavery where the slave owners bought the biggest and strongest, and theyre offspring are the ones that created the people that are dominating in sports now. My last interviewee was a female African American basketball player who felt that African Americans dominate in football and basketball because it is the only sport they want to play so they strive for it. She also said that blacks are more aggressive because it means more to them. In the majority of my interviews the participants mentioned what Sailes referred to as the Mandingo Theory, in which the physical superiority of African Americans is attributed to the selection and so called breeding process along with the manual labor performed during the days of slavery. The psychological and dumb jock theories were also articulated in the answers I received from the white students for they all said at some point or another during the interview that African Americans are intellectually inferior and all they have going for them is sports, and even in the world of sports there are positions that they are mentally incapable of occupying. The one thing that I believe all the participants agreed on both black and white is that African Americans are somehow genetically different. I was really taken aback by my findings. Even though I have learned throughout this semester that people are more racist than I ever thought they were, I didnt realize that this racism is existent in literally everything. Im not really into sports and do not pay attention to them, so I had no idea that people felt this way about African American athletes. So, it seems as though African Americans are battling this war on racism on yet another front.

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Imperfections in The Birthmark by Nathaniel Hawthorne Essay -- The Bir

Imperfections in The Birthmark by Nathaniel Hawthorne Too often in this world does man attempt to perfect nature. Tampering with this sort of element most commonly leads to a disaster to come extent. Because man is never satisfied, he is constantly vying for perfection, regardless of the outcome. Such is the case in Nathaniel Hawthorne's short story, 'The Birthmark.' Aylmer's persistent attempt to perfect nature is the cause of Georgiana's demise and the affirmation that when man tampers with such a powerful component terrible things may occur. In this short story, Hawthorne uses symbolism to emphasize the strange shape of the 'earthly imperfection' (204) and his desperate need to change it. The shape of the birthmark 'bore a little similarity to the human hand' (204). Here, Hawthorne?s use of symbolism clearly illustrates a distinct connection between the shape of the birthmark as a human hand and the need to remove it by the same means. In Aylmer?s quest for perfection, he simply ignores the fact that he is tampering with an incredible force: Nature. The ?crimson hand? (206) symbolizes man always trying to change something natural: something that need not be changed. Aylmer?s subconscious obsession with science quickly becomes apparent when he realizes that he has the knowledge to potentially change something that nature has brought. At one point in the story Aylmer becomes so infatuated with removing this birthmark he dreams about how he will do so. He goes a...

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Emotional Intelligence Essay

?When it comes to the five elements of Emotional Intelligence, I can relate to Self-Regulation the most which is my best aspect. In general, I am a pretty easy going type of guy. Even when someone bad mouths me or attacks me verbally, I tend to keep my cool and analyze the situation before responding back. When it comes to my job as a police officer and dealing with people, we deal with all types of emotions. Some personalities can be distressed, combative, and anxious or anger. Whatever the situation may be, I always tend to self regulate my emotions so that I can best deal with the situation. One example is during an interrogation, another officer and I will play the roles of God Cop Bad Cop, with me being the Good Cop. I am always the Good Cop because I can restrain myself when the suspect tends to be argumentative or angry. I tend to regulate my emotions and not respond in the same manner. The worst aspect of Emotional Intelligence for me would be Social Skills. This is something I am constantly struggling with. When it comes to conflicts, I tend to either avoid it or eliminated the easiest way to avoid more conflict. I know it is easier said than done, but with learning how to deal with can make me a better leader at earning respect and loyalty. I also tend to lack on praising others outwardly. For example, when I see a good arrest from a co-worker based on his observations skills, I know he did a good job and I praise him for it, but I usually don’t say it to him. Not because I do not want to but because I am not comfortable saying it outwardly. I know I can improve on praising others because it is important for your co-workers or subordinates to feel important and appreciated. It tends to bring the best out of them. When it comes to conflict resolution, I will work on reaching a solution through common techniques like negotiations or compromises.

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Images of God in Genesis Free Essay Example, 1000 words

Task Images of God in Genesis God is a focal character in the lengthy narrative that is the book of Genesis; He is the most compelling character in the book. He is, in fact, the one figure whose presence ties it together from the beginning to end. From creation to the settlement of Joseph’s family in Egypt, God in one way or another is central as he interacts with other characters. This character, God, gives a coherence and structure to the extended narrative of Genesis that is often otherwise experienced as quite episodic. In the book of Genesis, all stories bring out God as the most central character thereby creating different images of Him throughout the book. This paper is about the various images of God as depicted in the stories of the creation of the world, the beginnings of history, Cain and Abel: the first murder, the flood, the tower of Babel, Abraham and Isaac, Joseph and brothers, and Moses and the exodus in the book of Genesis. The first image of God depicted in the book of Genesis is that of a creator and a sovereign designer. We will write a custom essay sample on Images of God in Genesis or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/page On the first three days, spaces are created (the heavens, the seas, and dry land with vegetation) and or the next three days these spaces are populated (with the sun, moon and stars: the fish, other swarming creatures, and birds; mammals), and eventually humans. Judging from his creation God is absorbed on structures and taxonomies and hierarchy. After Adam consumes the forbidden fruit God expels him from the Garden of Eden. In genesis 3:22, God suggests that the results of combining the Knowledge of Good and Evil with the benefits offered by the tree are extremely severe (Paul, Gary & Johnson, 454). This leads to his prompt action of expelling Adam from the garden and thus from access to immortality. The struggle is brought out in that God’s prohibition soon proves on the face of it less than effective. Another image of God brought out is that of Him as a struggling parent. God molds an earthling from the dust on the ground and breaths into his nost rils a living breath creating Adam.

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The Factors Of Homicide Suicide - 1651 Words

Factors of Homicide-Suicide Anastasia Mendola Kean University Fall 2015 Research Methods Prof. Fernando Linhares Introduction This paper is being submitted for research methods’ at Kean University for the fall 2015 semester to discuss factors of homicide-suicide. The variables I will be using in the discussion will be, male perpetrators, male victims, female perpetrators, female victims, marriage victims and marriage perpetrators. Murder-suicide is defined as a homicide that is followed by the suicide of the perpetrator within one week, sometimes a max of two weeks in some cases. The definitions of the variables are as follow. A male perpetrator is a male that has committed the act of homicide on another human being, than in return take his life within a week of the killing. A female perpetrator is a female that has committed the acts of homicide on another human being, than in return takes her life within one week of the killing. A male victims is a male who is the victims of the homicide. A female victims is a female who is the victim of the crime. Marital status is the status in which both the perpetrator and the victim are in which each other. It can be classified as married, separate, divorced or single. Homicide-Suicide rates are a growing number in the United States and the countries around. They were once something that rarely occurred but then they became the front news of every media and news outlet. Many different things can lead to the resultShow MoreRelatedIs Suicide A More Present Danger Than Murder?894 Words   |  4 Pages others turn to absurd forms of escape. Unfortunately, two destructive forms of escape are growing rampantlyÍ ¾ homicides and suicides. According to the article Is Suicide a More Present Danger Than Murder?, it states that for every two homicides, three suicides occur (Radford). Even though it has been statistically shown that the national suicide rate is higher than the national homicide rate, these two issues are still equally daunting. It is possible that people who kill others and people that killRead MoreCrj 320 Wk 5 Quiz 5 Chapter 8 and 91369 Words   |  6 Pagesvisit here: Contact us at: SUPPORT@ACTIVITYMODE.COM CRJ 320 WK 5 QUIZ 5 CHAPTER 8 AND 9 CRJ 320 WK 5 Quiz 5 Chapter 8,9 MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. Which of the following factors can assist in establishing time of death? a. victim’s clothing c. rigor mortis b. presence of weapons d. hair color 2. The type of â€Å"lust murderer† who is usually of above-average intelligence, methodical and cunning, and socially skilled, and whoRead MorePersuasive Essay On Gun Control893 Words   |  4 Pagesguns can not be as accessible as they are today due to suicide and homicide rates that are on the rise as well as the mass crime being committed using firearms. Suicide today is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States. Some people might say that guns are not the reason that people commit suicide, so why should the laws be stricter if they are not the reason suicides occur? What about the other 50% of people that commit suicide? This includes poisoning, suffocation, and other possibleRead More Intimate and Family murder Essay examples1050 Words   |  5 Pagescould actually be a key to homicide—that â€Å"love† itself could be the very root of motives for murder. Whenever I see the news on TV about intimate or family-related homicides, it awes me and makes me wonder how could they do such a thing. But anyway, I’ve observed that some do it to hide an affair from the spouse, some are for money, others are for authority (certain family status), and some are just for attention. It usually happens between couples. Intimate partner homicide usually involves a man killingRead MoreGun Control And The United States1 493 Words   |  6 Pages An ever-popular topic in the United States has to be what to do about gun control laws. Firearms have been the leading cause of death since the beginning of the 20th century. In 2010, guns took the lives of over 31,000 Americans in homicides, suicides and unintentional shootings according to the U.S centers of disease. There should be new gun laws implemented into the United States constitution because Gun laws in today’s constitution give more access to illegal weapons, do not reduce crime ratesRead MoreThe Issue Of Gun Control1714 Words   |  7 Pagesdefinitely lead to more crime and shady methods of obtaining guns, which may be worse off to control ultimately. Now diving deeper into gun control research, it was time to come back to my initial question: Does own a firearm increase the risk of homicide and suicide within the household? Across several studies, I was astonished to what I had found. The first study I took a look at was done by the American Journal of Epidemiology. For this specific research case, they focused on the risks of having firearmsRead MoreColumbine High School Massacre : Self Control Theory Essay1709 Words   |  7 Pageswere both seniors. Collaboratively they murdered 12 students and 1 teacher. Aside from the kills they injured 21 other people, and an additional 3 more while trying to escape the horrendous event. After their killing rampage, the murderers committed suicide. The exact reason of why the committed this crime to this day is unclear. The personal journals of the two perpetrators referenced that they wanted the event to compete with those of the Oklahoma City bombing and other deadly events that happenedRead MoreThe Crime Of The Criminal Justice System1696 Words   |  7 Pagesappealing shows to the American people are the ones that include criminal investigations. However, the crime television shows that people view on a daily basis is extremely different from the actual Criminal Justice system, especially homicide investigations. Homicide investigations are immensely complex and tedious. They require teams of professionals in their respected fields as well as outside professional opinions. B. Fisher D. Fisher (2012) state that, â€Å"Each element of the criminal investigation-Read MoreThe Crime Rates Of Murder And Suicide1018 Words   |  5 Pagesof murder and suicide is increasing due to guns being handled by different people in our so ciety. Should the American government enforce new gun control laws in our country? This topic matters because gun control will make the country a safer place to live in. However, some people believe that gun control will take over citizen’s rights and isn’t a great idea. Gun control should be enforced by the government because it would help to reduce mass murders, reduce the criminal homicides, and reduce theRead MoreThe Problem With Gun Control Laws1479 Words   |  6 Pageswere about 31,076 deaths by gun and all were either homicides, suicides or unintentional shootings. 73,505 people were treated in the hospital for non fatal gunshot wounds in 2010 as well. Gun control laws are a benefit to America because they would help reduce gun deaths and other gun-related incidents all over the nation. Furthermore, they would reduce crime all over the country, for example armed robbery and assault with a gun, and homicide. Although it is believed that gun control laws will ob struct

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The Reasons For Expected Provider Type And Childbirth Setting

1. Arcia, A. (2015). U.S. Nulliparas’ Reasons for Expected Provider Type and Childbirth Setting. Journal Of Perinatal Education, 24(1), 61-72. The researcher examines why women chose the setting and provider for their childbirth. The study was conducted using a cross-sectional descriptive survey with approximately 220 women. The study found that about 82 percent of respondents planned to give birth in a hospital, 16 percent planned to give birth in a medical birthing center, and 3.8 percent planned to give birth at home. The respondents selected providers based on the quality of service and attributes of the providers, and also on practical factors such as their health insurance. The reasons for choosing birth setting were normative or based on lifestyle, and other factors related to the attributes of the respondents. The researchers found that women chose providers and setting based on her pre-existing ideas or attitudes, and lifestyle. 2. Attanasio, L., McPherson, M., Kozhimannil, K. (2014). Positive Childbirth Experiences in US Hospitals: A Mixed Methods Analysis. Maternal Child Health Journal, 18(5), 1280-1290. This study used a mixed methods approach to identify factors associated with confidence and positive experiences during birth in US mothers. The authors used a qualitative approach and found that patients with positive experiences sometimes depended on prior birth experiences. The study found that women who were confident prior to giving birth were much moreShow MoreRelatedThe Positive Health Impacted By Fathers Involvement1705 Words   |  7 Pagesand the fathers themselves when involved in the pregnancy and childbirth (2011). The literature reviewed is based on European men. Paternal involvement with pregnancy and delivery has positive outcomes, yet there is little help offered geared towards men in regards to parenting. This literature review expands on reasons and possible ways to reach out to men in contrast to the majority of support offered in regards to pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting an infant is targeted towards mothers. ReproductiveRead MoreEffects Of Hydrotherapy O n The Labor Process1692 Words   |  7 PagesShane Whatley Henderson State University NSG3603 Labor and delivery is the most common reason for hospitalization in the world, accounting for more than four million stays in the United States alone. In today’s society the largest population of pregnant women will choose to have a hospital delivery. However, more pregnant women are moving towards more natural methods within a hospital setting to aid in the labor process. Hydrotherapy, or water immersion, is one of these methods. During hydrotherapyRead MoreWomens Value of Money1342 Words   |  6 Pagesessence this is true. However in all honesty, women and men make pretty equal purchase amounts. The difference is that women make these purchases more often than men (Hale). Throughout history women have always been known as caregivers. They are expected by society to have children and construct a family. Part of this responsibility is buying the everyday items the family uses. A married woman not only shops for herself, she also shops for her husband, children, relatives, f riends, and other varyingRead MoreNurse Midwife : A Health Care Provider For Women1579 Words   |  7 Pageswanted your doctor to come see you at your home? Instead of going out to the doctor’s office where you could catch something worse than what you already have. If you’re a female then you should contact a midwife. A midwife is a primary health care provider for women throughout their lifespan. This means that midwives preform physical exams, prescribe medications including contraceptive methods, order laboratory tests as needed, provide prenatal care, gynecological care, labor and birth care, as wellRead MoreAnnotated Bibliography On Postpartum Depression1518 Words   |  7 Pagesand wishes. The article also recommended that the importance of providing encouragement, support, and guide to the women who want to breastfeed their babies, simultaneously, presenting compassionate support for the women who had expected to breastfeed, but due to some reasons they faile d to do it. Weber, K. (2017). HEALING A MOTHER S PAIN. (cover story). America, 216(11), 18. This article talked about dealing with women’s postpartum depression (PPD) in a spiritual way. Similar toRead MoreWhat is an OB/GYN?2819 Words   |  12 Pagesspecialized education and training in the handling of labor, pregnancy, and the time period right after childbirth. A gynecologist is a doctor who specializes in the well being of the female reproductive system, which encompasses the examination and the approach of diseases and disorders. An OBGYN can pass as an essential physician and usually serve as advisors to other physicians, work in clinic settings or in hospitals, they can have private practices, and sustain teaching spots at university hospitalsRead More The Shift in Abortion Policy in the 1800s Essay5421 Words   |  22 Pagesthese women from a life of destitution and were sympathetic to their plight. While they did not encourage abortion, they would turn a blind eye (Mohr p. 88-89). This attitude would change as the perception of who were having abortions an d for what reasons changed. After 1840, the number of abortions drastically increased, and the majority of women aborting were upper and middle class, married, and Protestant (Mohr p. 88). As opposed to women earlier in the century who sought abortions to avoid theRead More Womens Place in India Essay example2942 Words   |  12 Pagessay that Christianity gave Hindu leaders (among others) the justification that they needed to make the claim that Women should be kept in the guardianship of males. The main handicap of Women in India, and truly world-wide, has been that of childbirth. The bondage of reproduction, as Tikoo words it, had left Women reliant on Men for food, protection and shelter (Tikoo pg 3). Tikoo also notes a Curse of Woman in India which have lowered their place in society which is that of early marriageRead MoreShould Abortion Be Legal?3167 Words   |  13 Pagessome cases, this has resulted in protest and violence. In the United States alone there are roughly about 1.2 million abortions are performed yearly, that’s about 3 out of 10 women (Trupin). Abortion is one of the most common medical procedures. The reason why abortion is so highly controversial is because some see it as murder and some see the fetus as just a clump of cells. Since 1973 abortion was made legal by the US Supreme Court, making it one of the most controversial, visible, and legally activeRead MoreFemale Genital Mutilation and Its Ethical Issues5699 Words   |  23 PagesGenital Mutilation and Cutting (FGM/C) applies to any procedure involving the removal of all or part of the vulva and/or clitoris. It exists and is practiced in so many countries in North and Sub-Saharan Africa including the Sudan. The most frequent type of FGM that occurs throughout Africa involves the removal of the entire clitoris, usually with the labia minora, and in some instances, the labia majora. The justification for FGM appears to be grounded in the social desire in terminating or reducing